AliExpress one-time sale
A Chinese online marketplace with over 200,000 sellers
100M+ goods
Convenient shipment and frequent discounts
1111 ways for publishers to earn
Advertise goods of China's largest marketplace and earn a commission for every order placed through your link. Even if you're a buyer.
Approval rate > 90%
average monthly earnings
active program publishers in North America
> 95%
paid orders
When do we start?
During the "warm-up" period, urge users to add goods to the cart, collect coins and coupons, play games, and take part in promotions. When the sale comes, prompt them to redeem everything they have added to the cart.
How affiliate marketing works:
Publish links on social media and in newsletters, on websites and blogs. All traffic sources allowed for AliExpress are described here.
Pre-sale October 28 – November 10
Publish a link
A user follows it and places an order
The advertiser pays you for every order
Sale — November 11 – November 12
Last chance — November 13 – November 15
We’re definitely aware of you even though I was not in the affiliate marketing industry. I would say everyone is aware of you. You are not the little guys.
...We are working with a huge array of affiliate networks. We have some pain points. But cooperating with you is exciting and lovely, since your account managers have been more than supportive. We are really happy with the service.
With you guys, we’re starting to do well. We’re trying to generate more sales, we’re taking higher and more commissions.
...We can reach our sales goal every month. Our traffic sales are gradually growing. You help us gain! We’re trying to allocate more funds and resources to your platform. Hopefully, we will generate more sales and profit.
...We are looking forward to growing with you guys. We appreciate our relations and want to keep on cooperating. Service is great and we see huge potential."
I had worked with your India country manager before she joined Admitad. We stayed in touch and here I am, working with you.
...Beside the slew of programs you have, our account manager Anastasia is always very helpful and responsive.
About plans with Admitad, "...Tomorrow I will be asking my team to check new programs. Yeah, let's take it forward.
1 | Where do I start?
Sign up on Admitad Affiliate, get an affiliate link right away, publish it, and wait for sales to come. You can share the link with your friends and close people who love shopping and saving on AliExpress.
2 | Where do I get?
An affiliate link
In your Admitad Affiliate account

There are two types of affiliate links:
  • Standard affiliate link. It leads to the advertiser website's home page. A standard affiliate link is created automatically once you join a program. How to get a standard link
  • Deeplink. This one leads to a specific page on the advertiser website (e.g. a product/category/brand page). Deeplinks are created by publishers. How to get a deeplink

A coupon or promo code

A referral link
  • Go to the Dashboard and find the Admitad Referral Program section.
3 | Are all goods available to me for advertising?
All products you find on AliExpress, except virtual goods (e.g., gift cards, certificates, coupons, prepaid codes, tickets, etc.) are good. Products not in an affiliate program are also subject to reward.
4 | What is order confirmation?
It takes a while before you get a reward for the orders you generate. First, the advertiser (AliExpress) needs to confirm that the order—which you generated as a publisher and which has been reflected in the Admitad Affiliate report—actually took place. Once the advertiser confirms your order, your reward for it will appear in the "Ready for withdrawal" status.
5 | How soon will I be able to withdraw funds to a bank card?
Once the amount of rewards ready for withdrawal reaches $20. You can request a payment in the "Balance Details" section. Just click "Withdraw."

Standard payments are made every week, on Thursdays. Express payments help get money faster—within 24 hours. But you will have to pay for the speed. The fee is calculated automatically, you will see it in your request.
6 | Can I advertise the entire sale rather than a specific product?
Yes, you definitely can! Before the sale starts, AliExpress creates special landing pages with deals, coupons, and best-selling goods. You are free to drive traffic to any of these assets. 

You can be rewarded for all orders users will make after following your link.

7 | What are Hot Products?
Hot Products is a special category of items for which sellers are ready to pay more: up to 69% of the order amount. It's profitable to advertise such items, since they are often subject to discounts—which means your conversions are going to soar.

Important! Boosted rewards for hot products are only provided if you publish a link from the special product feed "Hot Products."
8 | What kinds of tariffs are there?
The rewards depend on the goods category and vary from 0,75% to 6,90% for a confirmed order.